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MyM Chapter 6 Review

November 28 2023

Make your Mark Chapter 6

A brief Review by Elamea

Overall rating: 6.5 out of 10

Best Episode: Secrets of Starlight

Worst Episode: Root of All Evil Part II

The Good

I appreciate that things are actually happening in Make your Mark for once. It’s not just stupid shit like “Oh what if Pipp made a shampoo, but it was really stinky and ponies didn’t like it” (Yes that was a real episode from the last chapter)

I really appreciate them trying fun and new things, like in the episode “Secrets of Starlight”! I enjoyed the Auroricorns, I thought the song “Starshine Time” was one of the better ones from MyM. Even if I think the cat villain is a little silly looking, I have to say, I enjoy the NEW stuff much better than the writers trying to meddle with the OLD stuff (I will get to that soon…)

This New femboy is joining the mane cast? I am intrigued to see this actually, for once, MyM gives us something fun and exciting to look forward to at the end of a chapter!

Also, one more thing, good riddance of Opaline. Love that she literally got absorbed into a tree and probably suffocated in there. That is brutal for an MLP death

The Bad

Ugh.... #NotMySpike

The lore-dump stuff with “dragonlord spike” was so boring and lame to me honestly, and I don’t like the excuses they made “oh Twilight didn’t know the crystals would take away pony magic!! Ooopsie!!” but honestly? From the start, they have been writing themselves into a corner about how to explain all the differences between G4 and G5. They just keep writing new stuff, and not really expanding on old stuff (I mean old stuff as in like what was established in the G5 pilot movie) Honestly? They should have just been separate canons, and that is becoming more and more evident to me

Also, why tf is Spike the new Dragonlord? You can’t tell me Ember is dead, she was literally not that much older than him

Anyways, on a different note, the Opaline finale also sucked ass. They defeated her with a song about hope? Okay, I know what you’re thinking, “MLP has done that kind of finale tons of times!!” No, not like that. MyM has had the same bad guy for 6 whole seasons, we have been hyping Opaline to shit. In FiM, they introduced a new bad guy every time there was a 44 minute special, then killed the fucker just as fast. Opaline has been a persistent threat, like imagine if King Sombra was the bad guy for 6 whole seasons, and then they defeat him with a friendship song. Like seriously guys? Why didn’t we sing a friendship song 5 seasons ago? Maybe I’m too cynical about a magic pony show….

The Ugly

As I said before, I don’t really like the writers of G5 messing with the FiM canon too much. Between the “Great great great auntie Moondancer” line implying we are only about 250 years out, and Spike really not having grown all that much, seeing how big dragons can get in this universe.

Between these two bits of information, we’re looking at a 250 year time skip, which means Twilight’s reign probably only lasted about 100 years or less (if no modern history books mention her) which is extremely sad to me, considering Alicorns are meant to rule for thousands of years.

Either that, or the writers truly do not care about this magical pony world and the characters in it, which is equally as sad to me, if not more.

Random Stuff I Also Wanted To Mention

As an arborist I just wanna say I appreciate that the plot device of “together trees” means I get to look at terrible cgi trees that would be doomed on our darwinistic earth. If my boss told me I have to go do structure pruning, then I show up and see this mf, I am killing myself on SITE.

Look at these two background stallions and their adopted unicorn child!!! Immense joy :]

That about wraps up my review of MyM Chapter 6 folks!! Who knows if this will be the last one?