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Elamea status

New year, new me......ow?

Site last updated: May 12 2024


ChickenSmoothie is, you guessed it, another virtual pet site. I was really active on here in 2012-2013 but one day my dad got mad at me for wolf pack RPing in the forums with strangers online and banned it from our router. Lol. Good times.

ChickenSmoothie has a lot less emphasis on the pet aspect of things than Neopets, in my opinion. You can dress them up but you can't really take care of them. Plus, the fact that you can have thousands upon thousands of CS pets makes them feel less like pets and more like... trading cards?

I still had a lot of fun memories on this site. And despite what I just said, I do have a select few pets that I am attatched to.

Many of them lost their value during the great rarity-system overhaul of 2012, but I still love them dearly

Thanks for reading! Oh, one more thing-

This pup right here is known as the joker. One of the rarest pets you can get on the site. I was obsessed with getting one. I don't even know why, there are much more aesthetically pleasing pets you can get way easier, but something about this little prankster mesmerized me. I would LOVE to get my hands on one, just to finally say I did it, but we'll see if that ever happens.

(This is the closest thing I have to one!)