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Penemojis by @pezfever Derp Headshot by @jayycayy

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since I created Penelope "as a joke".

Who is Penelope?

Penelope is a caracal x bat hybrid, although she is mostly caracal. She has a cream and brown coat with lots of markings and a tuft of bright pink hair on her head. Her tail is curled almost like a pomeranian's, it resembles a cinnamon bun! She's my fursona, which means she is an anthropomorphic animal that represents me. I tried to pick a color pallete that contained the natural colors of a wild caracal, as well as a splash of bright color as an homage to early 2000's SparkleDogz.

Penelope was created on Sunday August 27th 2017. She was never my first fursona.... or even my second! I had two fursonas before her.... "Silverheart" (2010-2013) and "Kage" (2013-2015). They were both wolves, so Penelope was something new for me (although she was originally a cross fox), but I love her nonetheless!

Okay, but who IS Penelope Pixiipaws?

At some point, I gave Penelope an official lore/backstory that was very different from my own life, but at some point since then I have decided to scrap all that, because i think she should just be me, but like, a big pink kitty. Originally, she was a college dropout who loved to party and get stoned, and worked as a barista at Starbucks. She also had an older sister who was an astrophysicist and thought very little of her. Why did I do that? Beats me. I don't even have an older sister. I have also not dropped out of college (not yet at least) nor have I ever worked as a barista.

Even though modern Penelope is much more like myself, it's still fun to think of her in that world. I guess we had a few things in common, after all.

I also have a suit!!!

Head by @wheysweet Paws by @OpalMuttStudios