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MyM Chapter 2 Review

Septmeber 27 2023

Make your Mark Chapter 2

A brief Review by Elamea

Overall rating: 5 out of 10

Best Episode: Portrait of a Princess

Worst Episode: The Cutie Mark Mix-Up

The Good

Misty is adorable. I love her. Favorite moments were when she joined the Filly Four and when she got Home Alone’d by Sparky. I was so sad when she started crying in the last episode :(((

I LOVED that they expanded on the concept of dragon fire magic, because that was always a huge mystery in FiM. Spike breathes fire on the letters and they just go to Princess Celestia? Well, now we know that dragon magic can teleport objects or make two objects switch places, which makes Spike’s ability make a lot more sense

There were some great songs. Pony Love, Where’d It Go, and Portrait Day were all bangers. Very refreshing to see a wide range of genres and for ZIPP TO SING!!!

Some great character moments. Pipp and Zipp’s relationship in the portrait episode, Queen Haven just existing, also interesting to see Hitch regress into his more stern personality from the movie considering he’s been nothing but a doof in TyT

Izzy is way better in this series than she is in Tell your Tale. I love the scene where she talks about missing Bridlewood, the crystals, the forest, the starry sky.

Animation has clearly improved (not perfect of course but still improved). There are some great brief and exaggerated facial expressions and the character movements feel more natural than they did in Chapter 1.

The Bad

Pipp’s obsession with social media is getting a little old. There’s nothing wrong with it per se but the writers clearly are not from the generation that Pipp is supposed to represent so it just feels off all the time. I wish they would lean more into her diva personality or her love for music

I hate to say this, but the more we see of the new CMC, the more I dislike them. And I enjoyed them when we first saw them in TyT! With the amount of screen time they have had so far you would expect them to have some distinct personalities from one another but all they do is babble about how they LOVE Pipp.

I was a bit disappointed that the story didn’t really go anywhere, considering how seldom we get episodes. Misty and Opaline hardly got anything done and the only new things in Maretime Bay are the community garden and Izzy Does It.

Was expecting a bit more nuance to Opaline and Misty’s relationship but that was just straight up unrelenting abuse. Even Mother Gothel treated Rapunzel better than this.

The Ugly

Sparky is not cute and I felt like I was being manipulated by Netflix to go “aww” at this baby that I literally wanted to punt.

The songs were great but some of them were not executed well from a story perspective, like i wish that “Pony Love” was more than just a way to waste time, and . For example, I would have loved it if Pipp actually sang “Where’d It Go?” while on the fly, actively looking for the lantern or something. Instead, she just waits until the end of the episode to go “Guys! I came up with a new song based on our adventure today!”

Some of those backgrounds were…. wow.