• Added a Zoo with 3 sections
  • Added RELAXR from Addicting Games
  • Added Penelope's page
  • Added Links for all of the above to homepage
  • Organized Credits Page better
  • Overhauled the Neopets Section
  • Added a few more ponies and resized some sprites. Sorry Sweetie Belle, but you can no longer be 3 times bigger than the rest of the Cutie Mark Crusaders, it was bothering me damnit!
  • Fixed some broken links across the site. Oopsie daisies!
  • Released 7/30/2022


  • Ponies have overrun the homepage
  • Official International Guild of Gay Webmasters Badge issued and placed on front page
  • Some other new and fun gifs have appeared
  • Released 7/25/2022


  • Art Timeline, Credits, Homepage, and Music are all mobile friendly now. The Neopets pages are mostly mobile friendly with a few odd backgrounds.
  • Fixed an issue with 2012 on the Art Timeline
  • Added a "patch notes" section. It should be mobile friendly, too.
  • Fixed a spacing issue on the Credits page
  • Released 6/11/2022


  • Added 3 new pieces from 2018 and 7 new pieces from 2021 to Art Timeline
  • Fixed an issue with 2021 on the Art Timeline
  • Fixed an issue with 2013 on the Art Timeline
  • Released 6/10/2022


  • Art Timeline, Music, and Neopets petpages uploaded
  • SSL certificate issued
  • Credits page added
  • Error404 page added
  • Released 5/30/2022