Pixel pony sprites by Botchan-MLP, Starstep Pony, anonycat, Xodok, and ponynoia


Notice: I try very hard to keep trackers, ads, and other nosy bits of code off my site. However, I do want to support the original creators of these vids, so I embedded them directly through YouTube (which does use Google Analytics to track you for a few things T_T)

It's very easy these days to hide a lot of your data from big tech corps with something like Brave or uBlock origin so I suggest you do that real quick if you care about your data footprint! =^.^=


A music video created using vocal samples of Izzy Moonbow from the new MLP Film. I have a lot of nostalgia for the days when people made this type of content left and right, so I decided to make some of my own :3


This video is a tribute to two of my Neopets, Thanoscar and Schmusekatzen. Also an homage to tribute videos from the early 2000's. Expect silly animations and obscure Neopets references

Read the full credits here!


Another PMV using vocal chops from G5, this time with Pipp and Zipp and a slower, more relaxing beat.