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Past Pony Trivia


What is Cathy Weseluck's favorite episode?
To be revealed!April 20 2023

Which of these G4 Voice actresses was NOT in g3?
Shannon Chan-Kent! Cathy Weseluck voiced G3 Rarity, Britt McKilip voiced Tra La La, and Tabitha St. Germain voiced Wysteria and Minty!March 27 2023

Where does Rainbow Dash meet Gilda?
Junior Speedster Flight Camp! (Also wow sorry i forgor to update this)March 5 2023

In addition to Pinkie and Fluttershy, who else does Andrea Libman voice?
Bon Bon!Feb 26 2023

What is the lowest rated episode of FiM according to iMDB?
Non-complete clause! This is the episode where Rainbow Dash and Applejack compete to be teacher of the month at Twilight's friendship school. Many critics felt it was a cheap re-hash of "Fall weather friends" but that in season 8, the two ponies should know much better than they did in season 1!Feb 19 2023

What is Pinkie Pie's full legal name?
Pinkamena Diane Pie!Feb 12 2023

When Lauren Faust first pitched the show to Hasbro, what was Twilight Sparkle's original name?
Twilight Twinkle! This was also the name of a G3 pony.Feb 5 2023

What dessert does Rainbow Dash hate?
PIE! In season 7 episode 23, Rainbow Dash goes to extreme measures to avoid having to eat one of Pinkie's pies.Jan 29 2023